Have you ever wondered when to go on the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage? What would be the best month of the year to do so? Whether it is because this year is the Xacobeo or Holly Year, because options for international tourism are very limited or simply because you finally feel that now is the time to embark on this adventure. We want to help you choose the best date to make the pilgrimage, and to do so, we will take different factors into account.

Every season has its advantages and disadvantages when trying to decide when to go on a pilgrimage, no season is better than the others when you want to make the pilgrimage to Santiago, because it is the overall enjoyment of your experience what counts after all. It is also true that the weather (a very important factor to take into account when deciding to go on the Camino ) can be more agreeable to the pilgrim in some seasons than others. Nevertheless, there are people who prefer to go on the pilgrimage during a season that attracts lower numbers of people regardless of the weather.

Which would be the best month?

mejor momento camino de santiago

If you are thinking about doing the Camino this year, 2021, or any other year, May would be the best month to do so without a doubt. The temperature in the Camino is moderate in May, not too high not too low, which makes walking or cycling through almost every single route pleasant. This also applies to the non-costal routes, which tend to be too cold to do during the Winter months.

What about the season?

Spring, Spring, Spring, no doubt! During the Springtime, the early mornings and nights are usually cool, without getting too chilly. And during the day, the temperature tends to be very nice for walking outside. Also, Spring is the time when all the Camino landscapes blossom, which makes for an incredible view while making the pilgrimage to Santiago.

When to go on the Santiago pilgrimage based on your route?

  • The old Way: this route is also recommended for the Fall season.
  • The French Way: the best season to embark in this route would be the Spring. If you want to avoid the rain and you do not mind the heat, you should plan this route from July to September.
  • The English Way: Spring and Fall are the best seasons for this route.

If you are thinking about making the Camino in terms of better housing availability, Summer is the time of the year when most hostels are open, as it is the season when a greater number of pilgrims decide to go to Santiago. A greater number of pilgrims means more accommodation offers (in terms of the number of hostels that are open) but it also means that most of these hostels might be full once you arrive. Therefore, if you decide to go during the Summer, it is very important that you make your reservations ahead of time.

Regardless of the season, in Portomiño we offer housing and restaurant service to the pilgrims, with a variety of options tailored to their needs.